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Starting in 2008 I began building acoustic panels to treat the rehearsal rooms at a private music school in San Francisco. Since then, I've built hundreds of panels, bass traps, gobos, and one-of-a-kind artistic pieces for spaces ranging from professional mastering studios to dorm rooms. Colleagues and friends have finally persuaded me to offer my panels to the public. They are hand crafted and finely finished, with sturdy frames and durable attractive fabrics. Best of all, my panels are amazingly effective in helping tame critical listening environments such as recording studios and home theaters. They are also great at calming down lively conversation areas, atriums, hallways, cafes, and waiting rooms, improving intelligibility with a warming ambience.

Custom bass trap installation mounting detail

Durably Built to Order

Beginning with one of the many DIY acoustic panel designs published online, I soon made improvements based on research, trial and error, and a lot of input from colleagues and clients. My panels are built to last, with solid wooden frames, open sides and backs designed to maximize the effectiveness of the absorptive core, but still with clean, straight edges and attractive finishing touches. Simple, sturdy wall mounting hardware leaves minimal impact to the wall—as easy to install  as hanging a picture! I keep a modest inventory of my most popular acoustic panels and can quickly build to order to fit your needs. Use the contact form to let me help you get the right sound absorbers for your space.



Guilford of Maine, fire-retardant, acoustically transparent fabrics top the list of industry standards in acoustic panel and bass trap design. Attractive and durable, with a high tensile strength, they are easy to clean and maintain. Guilford makes a number of fabrics in this line and I prefer the FR701. The colors are rich, it holds its structural integrity, and the price point is very favorable compared to some of their premium fabrics. (Those are definitely available if needed for your design esthetic.) Polyester black speaker fabric and jute burlap coverings are also available.

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We keep a modest inventory of popular acoustic panel models and can build to suit your needs - usually within just a few days.